to our website. At Questor s.r.o., we offer professional services in payroll processing - payroll outsourcing, for all types of small and medium organisations. Since 1995 the cooperation with different types of clients has given us rich experience and high professional expertise. Modern information technology allows us to service clients around all the Czech republic.

Benefits from payroll outsourcing:

  • - reducing personnel costs
  • - saving from office space, hardware, phone..
  • - saving from accounting software, constant education of employees
  • - substitutability of payroll work force
  • - liability for damage arising from labour law misinterpretation
  • - confidentiality of payroll and personal data

Advantages from payroll processing by our company:

  • - comfort, professionalism and effectiveness of our services
  • - discreet pay slips
  • - representation in front of institutional inspections
  • - bank transfers to employees and institutions account via internet banking
  • - modern forms of communication, flexibility in individual approach
  • - obligatory data archiving
  • - communication both in Czech and English language

Payroll processing for management:

If you have your own internal payroll department, but would like to secure the privacy of management salaries, then take advantage of our service created exactly for this purpose.

Payroll & accounting for small firms:

Good deal for small firms - payroll processing and financial accounting by one business partner, for good price. We offer reliability and comfort partnership for your business administration.

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